Specialty Coverages

Suffice it to say that our ability to obtain insurance for unique situations is extensive. A sampling of coverage offered is as follows:


  • High Limit Disability Insurance (Individual and Key Person)
  • Loan Guarantee Disability Insurance
  • Severance Package Disability Insurance
  • High Limit Business Overhead Insurance
  • Pension Disability (Completion) Insurance
  • Buy-In Disability Insurance
  • High Limit Buy/Sell Disability Insurance
  • Top Hat Plan (Automatic Issue) Disability Insurance
  • Pilot Disability Insurance
  • Professional Athlete Disability Insurance

Life and Accident

  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance
  • International Term Life Insurance
  • Confidential Life Insurance
  • Bank Loan Life Insurance
  • Merger and Acquisition Life Insurance
  • Key Person Life Insurance


  • International Major Medical Insurance
  • Worldwide Major Medical Insurance
  • Temporary Major Medical Insurance
  • Yachting Major Medical Insurance
  • Group International Major Medical Insurance
  • International Students Major Medical Insurance
  • Excess Major Medical Insurance

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