Retirement Analysis

The most logical place to start as one anticipates retirement is a retirement income analysis. This process takes into account your desired retirement age and/or date, the amount of income you wish to receive or the amount of capital you wish to have amassed at retirement, your current participation in any retirement plans offered via your employment, your risk concerns as to what types of accumulation vehicles you are most comfortable with, and any other factors which could potentially impact the achievement of your retirement goals.

Deferred Annuities

Deferred annuities are accumulation contracts issued by life insurance companies for the express purpose of accumulating money on a tax-deferred basis for use at a later date. These contracts are typically more suitable for individuals with a low tolerance for risk and volatility relative to their retirement monies. They also offer a guaranteed death benefit to the annuitant’s heirs which will never be less than the original premium deposit, plus earnings, less any withdrawals over the term that the contract is in-force. Most deferred annuities offer limited and/or total access to the current account value should a change in the annuitant’s financial circumstance arise.

Immediate Annuities

Immediate annuities offer the contractual promise of a specified periodic income (annually, quarterly, or monthly) for a specified period of months or years, as elected by the annuitant at the time of purchase. They offer the expectation of guaranteed income regardless of changes in both the prevailing and future economies, but provide no liquidity to the annuitant should they, at a later date, desire to access any of the original monies deposited. Immediate annuities play an integral role in providing stability to a portion of the annuitant’s overall retirement income strategy.

Qualified Retirement Plans

Retirement savings for some individuals may be supplemented through their participation in qualified retirement plans offered through their employment such as SIMPLE or 401K plans. In addition, some may be also be eligible to participate in an Individual Retirement Account (IRA).

Whole Life Insurance

Using Whole Life Insurance as part of an overall strategy can fill a safe or conservative niche of an overall retirement strategy.

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